Full Name
Dr Fatima Khan
Job Title
Menopause specialist
Speaker Bio
Dr Fatima Khan has been focussed on bringing to the forefront all things peri-menopause and menopause, with regular appearances on TV and podcasts, as well as her social media @menopausespecialist. Dr Khan completed her undergraduate and post graduate specialist menopause training in London, where she commenced on this passionate journey of empowering women and raising menopause awareness. She moved to Australia 4 years ago, and practices at Melbourne’s Epworth hospital where she is involved in teaching GPs, health care professionals and medical students at the University of Melbourne and Epworth Clinical School. Her goal is to help women level the playing field in their careers, as busy mums and as valuable members of society – by understanding peri/menopause, and how it is a turning point in every woman’s life, and in particular the impact it has on women’s physical and mental health. Dr Khan believes that by being equipped with the right information and tools, women can prepare and accelerate their individual path forward in absolutely whatever it is they want to achieve.
Dr Fatima Khan