Full Name
Dr Julia Baird
Job Title
Journalist, broadcaster and author
Speaker Bio
Dr. Julia Baird, a best-selling author and Walkley Award-winning journalist, brings insightful perspectives to ABCTV as a broadcaster and former co-host of The Drum. Holding a Ph.D. in history from the University of Sydney, Baird began her journalistic journey at the Sydney Morning Herald, with roles including columnist, op-ed editor, education reporter and election editor.
Beyond her impact on Australian media, Baird's writings span global publications from Newsweek to Harper's Bazaar, showcasing her diverse influence. As an acclaimed author of the best-selling novel "Victoria: The Queen" and the award-winning "Phosphorescence," her 2023 release, "Bright Shining," elegantly explores the enigmatic human quality of grace.
Dr Julia Baird